Friday, August 13, 2010


A real treat for roadside enthusiasts will take place at Tiki Oasis in San Diego, California August 20th. The good folks from Vintage Roadside, Jeff Kunkle and Kelly Burg apparently built a time machine that helped them put together an amazing presentation - Beautiful Girls That Live Like Fish - The Story of Aquarama. The roadside T-shirt duo have unearthed a giant clam shell full of info relating to this lost 1960's attraction. Once located at the Lake of the Ozarks region in Missouri, this mermaid show was one of the most unique attractions in the show-me state.

Everyone attending Beautiful Girls That Live Like Fish - The Story of Aquarama, will be introduced to this almost forgotten attraction thru original film footage and actual sound recordings from the 1960's. Even tho I can’t make it to the event, I’m very excited that Aquarama is about to live again thanks to the hard work and dedication of Jeff and Kelly!

Jeff and Kelly first blogged about Aquarama in 2009 with an excellent interview with a real Aquamaid. Both parts can be read here and here.

Be sure to check out Tiki Oasis and for your retro roadside attraction shirts visit Vintage Roadside. Also, you can fan/like Vintage Roadside on facebook. You'll have company with their 3000+ fans!

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Vintage Roadside said...

Thanks for the kind words about our project Mr. Mayor! We're both thrilled & honored to do our part to preserve and share this great piece of history.

Over the coming weeks we'll be sharing our work with all who can't make the symposium.

Here's to all the Aquamaids & Aqualads!

Jeff & Kelly