Tuesday, August 03, 2010


News flash - Neato Coolville is expanding! Check out the new twitter and facebook page!

To help celebrate, neatocoolville.com just got a new facelift. Before, it was nothing more than a simple entry page for the blog. The website is still an entry page, but now with all the links to find your way into Neato Coolville.

A quick run down of the different Neato Coolville sites -

Twitter - Now you’ll be able to read about the imaginary town that lives inside my head. Not your normal twitter page - sort of a comic strip without the artwork. Tomorrow we start everything off with reports from a big parade as the town celebrates being on twitter. The parade starts at 11:00 A.M. on Wednesday August 3rd.

Facebook - Neato Readers who are facebook users can keep up on blog posts and other Neato Coolville related news. Besides the blog links, we’ll have some exclusive facebook content. There will be movie quotes every Monday and an album of fun facebook icons that you can use for a new profile pic. New icons are added all the time. Plus a lot more facebook surprises along the way.

Flickr - Later this year I should hit 5000 images and I’ve recently tried to tidy up with better organized sets and newly added tags. Flickr is always a work in progress.

Blog - The blog will remain the same with the random posts of stuff that I find cool enough to blab about. I have some week long events planned and again I’ll be participating in the month long Halloween Countdown this October.

Weird Hollow - Speaking of Halloween, Weird Hollow will also be part of the countdown with the help of my pal Vlad. We’re planning some ghoulish fun this fall. More Vlad videos, the thrid annual monster head races and whatever else our "Abbey Normal" brains can think of.

So jump on board and ride the Neato train of websites! ~~Choo-choo~~ Who knows where it will end up?

Thanks to everyone who visits, follows, links, likes, comments and lurks! I hope this new expansion will add to the fun.

Also, thanks to the brother of the mayor, for uploading and setting up the new website! Thanks bro!


Shawn Robare said...

Cool, I really dig the new portal page.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks Shawn!