Monday, August 09, 2010


Who remembers Captain Choco’s Cereal? If you didn’t shop at Save-A-Lot stores in the 1990's chances are you don’t know Captain Choco. Luckily I managed to save a couple of boxes.

Distributed by Moran Foods, Captain Choco appeared on the cereal shelf sometime in the mid-90's. This box is from 1995. Captain Choco looks like he could be the third cousin twice removed of another square jawed hero popular on kid’s TV at the time. “Hey Captain Choco, the Tick is calling and he wants his chin back.”

Even tho he might be a bit of a rip-off, that’s ok - I still like the big lug. Hey, anyone who has a cool looking ray gun that shoots out chocolate is ok in my book!

On the back of every box you got one episode of Captain Choco’s Cereal Serial in comic book form along with the players introduced on the side panel.

First, here’s the serial players and then followed by the two serial episodes. Don't forget to click the images for easier viewing.

This second episode didn’t start showing up on the back of boxes until 1999. Looks like the Captain lost his comb, but he did find a new Choco Board to help him defeat the Chocodon.

Unfortunately, these were the only two episodes that I ever found and I wonder if any more were ever created.

A smaller single serving box showed up in a variety pack sans the comic serial.

I guess being a cereal mascot was not enough for the captain, so he started hocking this -

Yeah, that’s the stuff, Captain Choco’s Chocolate Flavored Drink-Mix!

In the early 2000's Captain Choco turned in his Choco gun and Choco board and retired from the store shelves. Rumor has it that he returned a few years ago trying to sell his cereal in a bag.

Wherever you are Captain Choco, I just want to let you know that you are missed by your many adoring fans? Ooh, maybe I shouldn’t use the word many, but instead say you are missed by a few adoring fans. Hmm... ok. You’re probably missed by just one adoring fan, me. Hey, at least that’s better than none. Right? Keep that chocolate chin up!


Tom said...

Captain Choco is back at Sav-a-lot in bag form. Saw it last week. Welcome home, Captain Choco, we missed ya.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a bag of this today at Save-A-Lot. It is awesome!

ra-63 said...

I just bought 2 bags today because me and my son can devour this much in no time ! BUT, I noticed they are getting a lot lighter on the chocolate :( I won't keep buying it if they continue,but maybe save a lot got a bad batch ? IDK. Choco fan2