Thursday, March 03, 2011


Shannon, Shannon, bo-bannon
Banana-fana fo-fannon

Sorry about that, but I just could not resist singing the Name Game song. Now that that's out of the way, we can move forward with today’s post. It’s a plug for one of my oldest pals and one of the swellest gals around. You guessed it! Her name is Shannon. Shannon Kaufman is part website maker, part T-shirt creator and part cake baker with a sharp eye for design.

For the past eleven years, Shannon has been developing websites for a wide range of clients mostly gaining work from word of mouth. Recently she created a new website that showcases her talents and abilities. When you visit you’ll find examples of some of the different websites she has created. Besides building websites, she also develops attractive email newsletters for companies that are seen by millions. Maybe you’ve seen her work in your inbox and just didn’t know it!

For fun, Shannon enjoys creating T-shirt designs and competing in the Shirt.Woot Derby over at Woot! Luckily her logo expertise helped in creating a winning shirt along with some top twenty designs. In 2008, her top tee design called Anatomy Test was popular enough that she was able to treat her family for a trip to Disney World! Here’s her winning design -

You can view Shannon's Woot shirt gallery here and be sure to visit her Zazzle page to order some of Shannon’s designs. I swiped a few images of some of my favorites to show here -

(In my best Homer Simpson voice, “Mmm... cake!”) I recently learned that Shannon is quite the cake maker baker person and let it be known that I’m a fan of cake, especially when it looks like it stepped out of Super Mario Bros.

(Now I just need to talk her into making an Atari 2600 cake!)

Please check out!

Oh, oh! I was just informed that Shannon recently discovered yarn and for her first creation she made an Angry Bird. So I’ll leave you with this last image.

Remember the longer you stare at this Angry Bird the more angry it will get.

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