Thursday, February 02, 2012


Excuse my little pal, the Bug-Eye Mirror Kibitzer.  Really he doesn't mean to look so ugly, but his face is just stuck that way.  I guess he was making a face one day when someone slapped him on the back.  Oh wait, that can't be, because he ain't got no body!  It's true, he is just a head with two arms and two legs and this is what makes him such a quality novelty.      

He was created by the Sutone Corporation and only cost sixty-nine cents.  Bug-Eye is a child of the sixties as his box is dated 1960. 

The long winded description on the box reads like this - 

"Lovable, Laughable, Fantastic Creatures from out of this world!  You are now the proud owner of a genuine Sutone Mirror "Kibitzer", a faithful servant and loving companion, ever eager to serve you in any way you wish.  Be kind to him.  He gets tired hanging on so move him to a new position from time to time.  In return, he'll spend countless hours entertaining you and your friends with his "thousand-and-one" ridiculous positions."  

His pals are Moon-Man and Voodoo-Man.  (Moon-Man looks like a distant cousin to Kilroy.)

He also has a girlfriend that's kind of a wild woman and who is void of any modesty.  We'll talk about her later, but first I need to show you this Kibitzer's talent.  He's a master hanger-on. Really, he simply likes to hang on stuff.  The box illustrates this fun-tastic activity below.       

Now let's take a look at Bug-Eye doing what he does best!  

Here he is hanging on a lampshade.

 Here he is smashed between some dresser drawers.

Here he is playing an outdated hand-held video game.

Here he is feeling sick after eating a whole box of chocolate cereal.  

For the last image, here he is in an old photo from his past.

This was back when he was really into murder mystery paperbacks!  As you can see he really loved that book.

Bug-Eye might be another ugly face, but he sure can hang around with the best of 'em!

Oops, I almost forgot to mention Bug-Eye's girlfriend, better known as the Buzoom Girl.  Yep, she likes to hang around too, but in a far different way than Bug-Eye.

In the photo above, she is pictured on a header display card that once adorned a box filled with Buzoom Girls.  Since this is a family friendly blog, I photoshopped her a Kibitzer bikini to wear.  The real display card shows her in the au naturel where her kibitzys look very similar to Bug-Eye's red eyes!  There must have been a small warehouse find on these cards and usually you can find one on ebay.

Actually ol' Bug-Eye is the only real Kibitzer I've run across.  I tried to do a little internet snooping and there's just not much info out there on this novelty.  I would like to see photos of all the other Kibitzers out there.  Boy that would just be downright fun-tastic!


Eartha Kitsch said...

I've never heard of these - really, really cool! And wow, that female version is stacked and packed.

Eartha Kitsch said...

p.s. And I just learned a new Yiddish word!

Kirk D. said...

Wow, this is such a great item. Never seen one before. Thanks for sharing!

Todd Franklin said...

Eartha - Glad to know that Neato Coolville is providing education and entertainment. Enjoy using your new Yiddish word!

Kirk - And here I was hopping you had Moon-Man and Voodoo-Man in your collection.

Ageless Male said...

Wow. These are indeed a novelty toys! I haven't seen them in the mall for a verryyy long time. I'd probably buy when I see one --- and I hope to see the female version!