Monday, February 27, 2012


One of my favorite comic books from when I was a kid was Shogun Warriors written by Doug Moench with art by Herb Trimpe.  Even though I only had one Mattel Shogun Warriors toy, I was crazy for this comic series.

Flipping through my stack of old kid artwork, I came across two Shogun pieces from when I was nine.  I've paired up my drawings with my childhood issues and the panels that I used for reference way back in 1979.

Looks like with this one, I drew the arm and then erased it for some major battle damage.  I'm sure I added some sound effects as I doodled.  Most of the time my imagination carried me away and I'd get so lost in a drawing, that it would sound like WWIII for anyone in the house.      


Devlin Thompson said...

I liked the comic well enough, though I was frustrated by the mismatch in design approach between the actual Japanese robots and the distinctly un-Japanese robots and monsters designed by Trimpe. That doesn't mean that I didn't use his art for reference as well, though! Here's an unfinished drawing of a fellow who didn't make it into the Marvel book:

Dave Lowe said...

Those are terrific and fun to see the kid inspiration. I was a big fan of the Marvel Godzilla series in those years. Herb Trimpe drew those books as well. I love his work.