Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Ralph McQuarrie inspired multiple generations with his amazing artwork: from his animated space simulations for NASA to his concept designs for Star Wars.  His art will continue to inspire and open up the imaginations of many more generations to come.  Here's to a person who was truly neato cool!       

For years this very poster opened my imagination as it hung on the wall of my childhood bedroom.


Mike Middleton said...

It's great that you still have your childhood poster. Mine's long gone.

Glen Mullaly said...

Here, here! Ralph's Death Star Trench poster from the SW Fan Club membership kit did the same thing for me. In dozens of posters, books and publications I had as kid from pre-production art (after-the-fact) in Starlog and other sci-fi mags, to the poster monthlies, portfolios and the release of "The Art of SW" in 1979 - his work was an inspiration.

I'd known for many years that he'd been ill, but it was still sad to hear the news. Thanks for the pictorial tribute NC.

Todd Franklin said...

MIke - I do have a few that survived from childhood. Hmm...maybe I should gather them up for a future blog post!

Glen - Thankfully his artwork was everywhere and it's great to think about how many people he inspired.