Friday, June 15, 2012



I didn't plan on posting a Flea Market Fridays post today since I didn't have time to hit any shops. But after my trip to the post office I decided to kill some time in our local second hand/consignment shop. Glad I did because I found an E.T. shirt pattern. A perfect item for this week, since we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the film back on Monday.

Back in 1982, this McCall's pattern cost three bucks and thirty years later, it only cost me thirty cents! Now that's a crazy coincidence. The great thing about this pattern is the cover. Hmm...that girl kind of looks like Jennifer Connelly. Wait a sec...that is Jennifer Connelly!!!

Luckily this pattern packet was never used and still is complete with the E.T. iron-ons.    

Forget the alligator on your shirt, let's go with E.T. instead! 

Maybe I'll be lucky enough and find a Tron McCall's pattern in time for the 30th anniversary of that great movie!

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K0dama said...

nice find! transfers unused even :)