Friday, June 01, 2012



Hmm...who knew Sterling Cooper had the DeLuxe account. By the looks of things, they found the perfect model to pose with a galvanized Arctic Boy cooler. The above photo is a real production piece for an unknown ad for the DeLuxe metalware company from St. Louis, Missouri. I was lucky and recently found a small assortment of ad items from DeLuxe. Galvanized buckets and metalware is way out of my collecting jurisdiction, but when you find a one of a kind photo like this, you snap it up! The two images below are proofs. Too bad the original ad was missing from the packet.

No pin-up girl here, just an original artwork of a bucket. You gotta admit that's a nice looking bucket!

 Found in the packet is this original cake pan insert. Too bad it wasn't a cheesecake pan instead.

 Always love anthropomorphic veggie people. Click on the above photo to see 'em up close.

Here's a catalog prelim of a super pail. Yeah, I know, not too exciting. OK, maybe this will be better. Cue the ZZ Top and check out these photos. Are those the legs of June Cleaver?


Glen Mullaly said...

These are great! Love seeing production material, especially vintage illustration (no surprise!)

Unknown said...

Anyone know the year these Arctic boys were made?