Tuesday, June 05, 2012


The other day I was rummaging through an old box of stuff and found three promo photos from Wizards and Warriors. I completely forgot that I had these and I'm glad I can share them here. I loved this TV show when I was kid and watched every episode. Of course that was kind of easy because this zany sword and sorcery show was canceled after eight episodes. I sure was a bummed out kid when it was canceled.


The show was a fun mix of Saturday matinee and comedy wrapped up in typical 1980s storytelling. Our friends at Retroist posted about W&W a couple of years ago. Click here to read the post. 

Check out the Wizards and Warriors fan page with lots of articles and info.

Unfortunately Wizards and Warriors is not available on DVD. Let's hope that one of these days the fantastic Warner Archive will eventually make this show available. Until then we can watch three full episodes on YouTube. Here's episode one!

Thanks to Avisogrief for uploading the episodes. You can find episodes two and three here.

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