Friday, October 19, 2012



Yesterday I was snooping around in an antique store and lucked on a set of Munsters paper dolls! The set was far from complete and it was missing the original folder, but for three bucks the dolls are perfect for a flea market friday post! 

I guess you can say the Munsters got the memo for casual flea market friday! This is how they look before applying the paper clothes. Herman must have thrown out his shoulder at the funeral home since he's bandaged up with some yellow tape. 

Poor Marilyn lost all of her clothes, so I didn't want her to feel out of place in this scan. Of course she always felt out of place during the show, so I guess that's appropriate. I'm thinking that Herman is missing a cowboy hat to go with his lasso.

Eddie is the next to disappear for the lack of paper clothing. I like that they gave Herman the suit of armor from the first episode, Munster Masquerade. Did Grandpa steal that jacket from the Invisible Man?

At least father and daughter will be ready for St. Patrick's Day! 

That's it! No more Munsters paper clothes for my paper dolls, so I guess I'll have to stop playing with them. Hmm...maybe that wasn't worth my three bucks! Visit the Gothic Tea Society blog to see the missing folder that once housed the paper dolls.


Wings1295 said...

Awesome! Well worth the $3!!!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I think it is well worth the 3 bucks! LOL
~Naila Moon

Paul Duca said...

I think the First Lady is beginning to have second thoughts about her Mayor, if he's playing with paper dolls...:-)

Todd Franklin said...

Joe & Naila - Yeah, I got lucky that day! Good thing I had three bucks burning a hole my pocket!

Paul - After 18 years, she's used to me bringing home odd things from the flea market!