Thursday, October 25, 2012


Over the river and through the wood, to Grandmother's house we go! Yep, I was visiting my 99 year old Grandmother recently and was helping her go through some of her holiday items. I ran across this nifty old Beistle scarecrow packed away with old Christmas and Easter decorations. This guy is fun enough, but we kept on digging down in the closet...or as I call it, her time machine closet!

Sure enough we found more Halloween stuff. Some homemade cardboard stencils! She made them back in the 1940s for a Halloween party for my Mom and Uncle. I just love the simple Halloween shapes!  

Later in the day we found some of her scrapbooks. She's been scrapbooking since the 1930s! 

In her 1975 scrapbook is this Halloween drawing from me when I was five years old! Wow, I have no memory of drawing this, but it looks like I had a fun time drawing Halloween! It's very similar to my kid art book that I posted last year.


roadsidewonders said...

Wow ... how cool to have the opportunity to explore "the time machine" with your Grandmother!

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks! It's always a great opportunity that I cherish.