Saturday, October 27, 2012


This found photo is a Mel Brooks movie waiting to happen! Whip Lady and Lone Ranger are quite the pair and I'm sure this couple had a totally wicked time at a California Halloween party back in '82! Maybe they attended the same party that Elliott's mom did from E.T.

I have a few questions about this Polaroid.

If the cowboy dude is supposed to be The Lone Ranger, then where's his mask? Maybe he was afraid of being sued like Clayton Moore was a few years earlier. He did drop the "The" from his name that's written on the Polaroid.

What 's up with Whip Lady? Is she a Solid Gold dancer? A heavy metal background singer? Female version of a modern Lash LaRue? Hmm...this question just creates more questions.

Since the Whip Lady is wearing a Pink Floyd shirt or what's left of one, it makes me wonder what's playing on the record player next to Lone Ranger? Is it a Pink Floyd song or a Roy Rogers song?

Why is Lone Ranger pointing his gun at Whip Lady? I'm sure we can all guess that she's a "bad girl", but did she rob a train or steal some cattle? Maybe she stole another brick in the wall!

I don't think we'll ever solve the mysteries of this Halloween Polaroid and we're probably better off not knowing!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i am very impressed with Whip Lady...

Ghoul Friday said...

This will become one of those Halloween urban myths.

Anonymous said...

Foxy! Lady!