Monday, May 06, 2013


Standing under the unfinished Gateway Arch

Today, we will be touring 1964 St. Louis using this old copy of Show Me magazine. Our tour guide will be the lovely Miss Show Me, Gail Ritter with photos by Paul Piaget.

 Landing in St. Louis via Ozark Airlines

 At Lambert Municipal Airport

 At the Ship's Tavern of the Statler Hilton downtown Washington Avenue at 10th 

 At KMOX-TV television station with news broadcasters, Max Roby and Spencer Allen

Mynah birds named Tums, Dick and Harry at the Lewis-Howe Company (Tums) building 319 South Fourth Street

 Ray Rixman Dodge 7916 North Broadway

 Rixman's Dodge City Downtown 610 Washington

 Mendenhall Ford 2231Washington Avenue

 Bill James Chevrolet 3721 South Grand

Trader Vic's at Bel-Air East Motor Hotel 4th and Washington

The New Busch Memorial Stadium scale model

Pevely St. Louis Bicentennial Ice Cream Parlor

Three Flags Restaurant 5th Street St. Charles

National Museum of Transport Barrett Station Road

Riding the Zoo Line Railroad at the St. Louis Zoo

Hall of Man at the Museum of Science and Natural History Oak Knoll Park, Clayton

The Telstar exhibit at  the Museum of Science and Natural History Oak Knoll Park, Clayton

Bevo Mill Restaurant Gravois and Morganford Roads

The S.S. Admiral docked at Washington Avenue

Thanks Miss Show Me for showing us around St. Louis in the year 1964. It sure was keen!


Mike Middleton said...

Neat Busch Stadium model!

Paul Duca said...

These type of publications are usually for visitors to the city...why would they be interested in local car dealers?

Claude Mustang said...

Because owners of ancient car are looking for pictures of thé first dealer of their car.
In fact I'm looking for thé Dealer of Our 1966 Ford Mustang with DSO 28 in #VIN 28