Sunday, December 10, 2006


I am very saddened to hear the passing of Marty Nodell. He was one of the first professional artists that I had ever met, back in the early 90's at a Kansas City comic convention. I’ve seen him at many cons since then and he always greeted me and everyone else with much kindness.

He and his wife Carrie, who passed away in 2004, always had interesting stories to share from the good old days. I cherish the few sketches I have from him and the signed items that are part of my collection.

Here are two sketches of his two most important creations, the original Green Lantern and the Pillbury Doughboy.

He will be missed, but his characters will live on!

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Mike Middleton said...

He was truly one of the greats! A very nice man who was incredibly cool to a bunch of nerds who wouldn't stop talking to him back in 1992.