Tuesday, December 12, 2006


During the month of December kids across America were flipping feverishly through the Sears Wish Book catalog trying to decide what to add to their Christmas list.

Of course you always started at the back of the catalog and before the Atari came out we just usually glanced at the electronics and then made a b-line to the toy section.

Ah, yes the toy section, many pages of childhood bliss. This catalog was truly a wish book for us kids as we sat quietly for hours turning the pages with our marker in hand, circling each item that we hoped Santa would bring. I’m sure the catalog was a wish come true for parents too, as they could do most of their Christmas shopping from home and it was nice to have hours of peace and quiet when the children were in a Sears trance lost in the book.

Here's some pages out the 1976 Sears Wish Book that are fun to look and laugh at! Of course we start from the back. Remember to click on the pictures for a closer look!

I had a Simon Sez, but not a Hugo.

I got a magic set for the Christmas of '75.

The Mego pages!

I loved all the Football stuff

The coolest shirts ever printed! I wanted these in the worst way, but Mom wasn't so keen on 'em.

Hey, it's the Superfamily!


Mike Middleton said...

It's a shame Big Red got left off the football ad!

Aaron said...

Dude! I've still got Lester! He's up on the shelf in my son's room along with some other old toys. I'm gonna have to get him down and blog him!
Thanks for another great memory!

Anonymous said...

i remember this catalog clearly and cant believe this blog!!!

p.s.; yes im old !