Sunday, December 16, 2007


Looks like the kid in this found photo had a fun Christmas. Just check out his haul of toys from 1957.

Besides being decked out in a Hopalong Cassidy outfit he has himself a new tricycle, toy top, Fisher Price Mickey Mouse pull toy, jack in the box, snowman bank, a plush animal or two and a new microwave oven. Wait a minute. . . microwave ovens hadn’t been invented yet. Oh I see, that big box is a record player.

For fun I did a quick search and found some photos of the toys that this boy has or I guess I should say had. Most of these photos came from ebay and some other auction sites. Who knows maybe one of these toys really did belong to this kid?


Glen Mullaly said...

Wow! Great sleuthing Todd - you really nailed most of these.

Oh, and just to geek out here - it's theoretically possible that that box-like shape in the background could have been a microwave. The first model was made in '47 and the first home microwave hit the stores in '55.
Of course the '47 model was 6 ft. tall and weighed 750 lbs, so it probably wasn't that one.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks Glen! Wow, didn't know that about the microwave, so I'm glad you geeked out!