Monday, December 03, 2007


If you need any flyers, postcards or business cards printed up then you need to giddy-up to the ranch, the Tikiranch that is. Last October I needed some postcards printed up with one of my designs and Tikiranch came to the rescue and did a super swell job on ‘em. The quality of the cards is excellent and the colors crisp and clean.

I’m very pleased with the cards and I know whenever I need anything printed I’ll just head to Tikiranch Printing and if you need something printed you should do the same!

Also, check out the fun and popular Tikiranch blog where you’ll see some amazing vintage advertising and right now the ranch is decked out for Christmas.


tikiranch said...

Thanks for the plug
Happy Holidays

Todd Franklin said...

Very glad to do it as I was very happy with my order. You do a great job of lassoing those printer press doggies and making 'em turn out fine printed products!