Thursday, May 08, 2008


Whatever happened to Tex Marshall and his educated horses? What? You’re not familiar with Tex and Pecos Sunny? Not to worry I’m not familiar with them either, but I bet they were a big draw in 1948 at this in-person appearance at the Carolina Theater in Burlington, North Carolina.

The newspaper ad is from 4-23-48 along with an original snapshot photo of the event.

Just look at this close-up of Pecos Sunny and even in the photo you can feel his superior intellect. His large horse brain could probably do complicated Algebra questions without hesitation. I’m sure he was able to guess someone’s weight and write the number in the dirt with his hooves. You never know, this horse just might’ve been a talking horse and just might’ve inspired another educated horse on TV.

Of course I have no clue about this as it looks like Tex Marshall and his Educated Horses are lost to history. At least we know what movie Tex and his horses enjoyed after their performance - Oklahoma Badlands starring Rocky Lane and some less-educated horses.

Boy, this b-movie western was probably in Smell-O-Vision thanks to all the real horses around!

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Karswell said...

Is this anything like the educated chickens of the Ozarks?