Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Bork! Bork! Bork! Back in 1988, Post cereals released Croonchy Stars with a famous celebrity chef, The Swedish Chef! The actual cereal was less than appetizing, but the box was one of the best boxes to grace the cereal aisle.

Jim Henson's fingerprints are all over the box especially with the silly gags on the back. It was the perfect box to read while you ate your cereal. Check out this post from Jim Henson's Red Book about Croonchy Stars here and then a Croonchy morsel can be found in this Red Book entry here.

As a cereal box collector, this is one of my favorite boxes in my collection. Take a look at Jason's two boxes from his collection here and here. Next, head over to view the neato send away doll that Gregg has shared here and here.

Now let's watch that wacky Swedish Chef cook up a batch of his Croonchy Stars cereal!

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Paul Duca said...

The first spot for the snack foods had to be from Canada, as it had the French words for the names of the products.