Friday, August 10, 2012


Ocean's Eleven was released to theaters fifty-two years ago today and it's nothing less than 127 minutes of pure coolness. A heist movie starring the Rat Pack set in the neon jungle of Las Vegas with a Saul Bass title sequence! What's not to love about this movie? A few years ago, I added a small group of costume test photos to my collection. (Thanks Dan!) I've been meaning to scan and share these photos for some time and today is the day. Click on the photos for a closer look!   

Sammy Davis Jr. as Josh Howard in front of the Sands. 
Peter Lawford, Norman Fell and Clem Harvey stand behind. At the side is a profile of director Lewis Milestone. (One of the best scenes in the movie is the last scene in front of the Sands. These are the costumes for that scene.)

Dean Martin as Sam Harmon at the Sahara. 
( that coffee in Dino's cup?)

 Buddy Lester as Vince Massler in front of the Sands. 
(I think Buddy is growling at the cameraman.)

 Henry Silva as Roger Corneal at the Flamingo. 

 Clem Harvey as Louis Jackson at the Desert Inn.

Richard Benedict as Curly Steffans in front of the Sands. 

Norman Fell as Peter Rheimer at the Desert Inn.  

 Cesar Romero as Duke Santos at the Flamingo.

 Helen Jay as 2nd Girl at the Flamingo. 
(Her only scene is with a group of party people who leave the Flamingo and go to the Sands.) 

 Louise Black as a tourist at the Flamingo. 
(Apparently her scene was cut from the film. In a second trailer (not found online) she can be seen for a split-second in front of Peter Lawford at a Flamingo souvenir stand.)

C. Harrison as Security Chief at the Sands. 
(You can see by his toothy grin that this extra is excited to be in the movie. It also shows in his only scene when he escorts Red Skelton out of the Sands. He almost winks at the camera as if he's telling the audience, "Hey, look at me, I'm in a movie!")

That's all for today. Now go watch the original Ocean's Eleven! 


Mike Middleton said...

Great pics. I didn't know you had these. Definitely worth watching just to see 60's Vegas.

Glen Mullaly said...

These are AMAZING! Do you know the provenance of them. Are they prints or is that one even a Polaroid maybe?

Can you tell I'm excited because Ocean's Eleven is one of my favourite movies! Did I suddenly turn 14 years old?!

Todd Franklin said...

Mike - Oh yeah, seeing all the glorious Vegas neon is half the fun with Ocean's 11!

Glen - I think the photos were found at a flea market and yes some are Polaroids. Enjoy being 14 again!

Paul Duca said...

Mr. Mayor...of COURSE Dino's coffee cup had coffee in it--and the glass he'd hold on stage contained apple juice. Dean was no dummy...he knew he had to be completely sharp to give his best performance.

I do wonder if the costume folk had any problems dealing with Ceaar Romero's inseam, wink wink nudge nudge.