Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Back in 1984, Eveready Batteries jumped on the Dungeons and Dragons war wagon and made available this cool dragon poster. I missed out on the poster and didn't know it even existed until I found this newspaper ad. Did anyone have this on hanging on their wall?

I've been scanning a few Halloween newspaper ads and ran across this Eveready one and just had to post it before October. This is a good opportunity to mention that blog posts will be slim pickens until October. That's right, I'm getting ready for the big Halloween countdown. As we speak, the spooky kids over at Countdown to Halloween 2012 are collecting blog links for everyone that will be participating. If you want to be a 2012 Cryptkeeper, then click on the button below and let the fiendish folks know!

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Hobgoblin238 said...

Hey there! Was wondering if you would add me to your blogroll. I own a Monster Cafe in ole Mexico and try to blog everyday. Thanks so much! I´ll add you and love your stuff!