Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The other day I picked up a small stack of 1960s coloring books and on the back cover of an Alvin and the Chipmunks book was this 1965 ad. Holy burnt sienna that's one neato ad! I always go gaga over photos of vintage newsstands, comic racks and various kids store displays, so this one really is a fun find!

Coloring books were so much fun. Give me a coloring book back when I was a kid and I would be lost for hours trying to color between the lines.

Looks like the boy made a good choice picking out the Superman coloring book. Artist Patrick Owsley has a one in his collection. Click here to see it!  

Okay little girl, try to reach a little higher and pick up that Jonny Quest coloring book. You can always buy the crayons later, but that Jonny Quest book is kind of hard to find here in the future.  


Scrapatorium said...

I made a collage of that very Superman coloring book and several others from the interior pages about 20 years ago.

Mike Middleton said...

That Superman coloring book is fantastic. Great ad!

Daniel said...

Outstanding! What a fantastic find. You're right about Jonny Quest, That's akin to finding Blackbeard's gold; or was that found already. Whatever,Great Blog!

Todd Franklin said...

Scrapatorium - That sounds cool! Have you ever posted your Superman collage?

Mike - I thought you would dig this ad!

Daniel - Thanks for commenting and checking out the blog!