Friday, December 20, 2013


Yesterday, I found two 1950s Christmas stencil packets and both have fun graphics on the front envelope. In the 1970s, we never sprayed fake snow on our windows. Do people still decorate with snow in a can these days?

Kinda neat that these stencils still have the remnants of canned snow!

The Frosti-White packet only had this one sheet of stencils.

For fun I've included a can of Moore's Snow that I found stuck way back in my grandmother's cupboard. Also click here to look at a Howdy Doody stencil packet I shared back in 2011.


Jeremy [Retro] said...

those are wonderful... i wonder if i can use the reverse in photoshop and add some flair to make them a digital version. if okay i am going to try... happy holiday!

KL from NYC said...

In NYC around 1960-61, the big advertising push was to use Glass Wax -- a pink liquid window cleaner in a can (do they still sell that?) -- and you could buy window stencils to use with it. We'd dab it on with a sponge, and it would dry to a white powder. It had a lot of advantages over the spray can: more economical, less messy, more versatile -- but, if you left it on too long, it could slightly etch the patterns into the glass. And you know how people tend to not take down Christmas decorations till long after New Year's -- many people put it on the windows right after Thanksgiving, and wouldn't take it off until sometime in January.
At that time, the snow-in-a-spray-can alternatives had their own set of problems, and weren't cheap.

Pik-Cor said...

We did! Found a box at a Carrefour (French chain store) here in Qatar that contained a can of snow and a collection of stencils. The stencils were paper punch outs but a friend of mine laminated them for me. I only recut the simple ones (tree, balls, reindeer, and snowflake). We placed them on the windows and they looked great!