Monday, December 23, 2013


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RandomGoodsVintage said...

Funny story about "the Christmas Story". My mom, brother and I saw that movie when it first came out and we loved it. The next day the newspapers (Knight Rider papers,Detroit Free Press) came out with their review. They gave it a horrible review with a C- rating! At that time, my dad was an editorial artist for the Detroit Free press. My mom wrote a nasty letter to the guy who did the review and she asked my dad to personally hand it to him. The following day, my dad gave that letter to the review guy and told him that he better watch that movie again and boy is his wife pissed at him! So the next week, they re-reviewed that movie, retracted their old review and ending up giving it a stellar A+ grade, and as a side note added that the newspapers artist's wife was angry and urged them to watch and rate the movie again.