Sunday, October 19, 2008


Back in September the first lady and I journeyed to New York City for a site seeing tour. I was excited to visit Ellis Island and walk the same halls that my great-grandfather did. I didn't expect to find a play based after Bela Lugosi’s journey to become an American citizen.

The play is only 30 minutes long, but it’s a great way to begin at Ellis Island as it does give you a nice overview how Ellis worked back then. The play starts with a nice clip from Dracula on the gauzy curtains and then opens to Bela portraying Dracula. Bela addresses the audience and then tells you about his early days in America trying to become a citizen. The play does a nice job at portraying what an amazing man Bela Lugosi was and how hard he worked to become an American citizen.

Photography wasn’t permitted, but I did snap a (bad) shot of the stage when we left.

I see that the play finished its run back on Wednesday and now I wish I had posted this earlier. I really thought it was permanent. Really it should be or at least rotate it with other plays, as it’s a great way to be introduced to Ellis Island and especially for children.

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