Tuesday, October 28, 2008


First he saw two masked trick or treaters and he asked, "Are you my Kemo Sabe?” “No, we are not,” said the trick or treaters. They asked Little Tonto, “Would you like to go trick or treating with us? We’ll let you have one of our snazzy Cracker Jack trick or treat bags.”

“No thank you. I need to find my Kemo Sabe,” said Little Tonto. So Little Tonto went on his way in search of his Kemo Sabe.

Next, he entered a room with another masked trick or treater who was wearing a big hat. Little Tonto asked, “Are you my Kemo Sabe?” The big hat trick or treater said, “No, I’m not. But, if you see my pal Cisco, tell him I’m looking for him.”

Before Little Tonto left the room he was given some candy shrimp to eat by a faceless grown-up.

By now Little Tonto was worried that he wasn’t going to find his Kemo Sabe before Halloween was over. After eating the candy shrimp he decided he better go to the bathroom and brush his teeth. Afterwards he would carry on looking for his Kemo Sabe.

Before he could brush his teeth he was mesmerized by the keen fish curtains that hung on the wall.

As underwater designs danced in his head, something grabbed him from behind.

Scared, he looked into the mirror to discover that the monster that snatched him up turned out to be his daddy. At last Little Tonto finally found his Kemo Sabe.

Thanks again to Major Pepperidge for supplying some more amazing Halloween slides. This set is from the 1950's


Major Pepperidge said...

Only one more left?? Thanks for posting these!

Video Zeta One said...

Enjoyed the nostalgic tour.

Looking back on photos like these is bittersweet - it brings back great memories, yet at the same time a sadness that they're gone. Thanks for what you do here!

Dane said...

These are just precious. And speaking less sentimentally, I love the fish curtain slide.

Todd Franklin said...

Major - My pleasure!

Gilligan - I know what you mean. Also, thanks for the nice comment!

Dane - You gotta love fish curtains!