Saturday, October 27, 2007


Back in 1994 when we were in Orlando we enjoyed a day at Disney-MGM Studios. The best attraction was the Backlot Tour and I was blown away at all the giant movie props from Rocketeer, Blade Runner, Indy and other movies just sitting there in the Florida sun. (Since this is a Halloween post, I’ll cut to the chase) Not to worry, I'll post the other prop photos in the future.

The tour ended at a props gallery and we didn’t expect to see so many items from so many of our favorite movies. The year before we were introduced to Nightmare Before Christmas and we just went nuts for that movie. As we entered the gallery we were greeted with an amazing display of the stop-motion puppets from Nightmare. Too bad this was the age before digital cameras as I would have taken better photos and more more of them. At least I snapped a few.


Adam Gott said...

I was there in the same time frame and saw these wonderful sets as well. I think I got some pictures too, I will have to try and dig them out one of these days and post them. Wouldn't you just love to have a few of them in your house? They were a bit big though from what I remember.

Todd Franklin said...

Adam - Hey, great we'll be looking forward to seeing them.