Saturday, October 13, 2007


Meet Jason and Kim two crazy kids from Halloween’s past. Luckily, someone marked on the back of these found snapshots identifying the Ape as Jason and the ghost as Kim during the year 1976.

I’m sure Jason spent a long agonizing time choosing between the Ape costume and the very popular Uncle Sam costume at the local discount store. Good choice, as its more fun making monkey noises than pointing at people saying. “I WANT YOU” all evening.

Jason looks like a pretty cool kid as he elected to ditch the cheap vinyl body suit for a snazzy McDonaldland Big Mac parka.

You might’ve noticed that Jason holds a rubber bat and I’ll bet you ten bucks and my collection of old bottle caps that he tormented Kim with it all evening long.

Speaking of Kim, why did she pick a ghost over a princess or even a disco queen? Was it because she was a Casper fan? Maybe she really wanted to be Lady Liberty, but the store was sold out and that ghost mask was just covering up a sad little girl’s face with a permanent flame retarded plastic smile.

We will never know!


Mike Middleton said...

Great pics NC! Love the Officer Big Mac sticker.

Stephen said...

How people could give up pictures like this is beyond me. At least they went to a loving home.