Saturday, October 20, 2007


I just love how this photo slide is framed with a border of buildings and people, giving it almost a 3-D look.

“Hey what’s the big idea, I thought this was supposed to be a Halloween countdown of all things relating to Halloween and monster movies?”

Not to fear faithful reader, this swell and happy slide has an element that’s just perfect for the countdown. But first before we get to that, lets take a closer look.

This slide comes from the Disneyland blogger extraordinaire Major Peppridge, the curator of Gorillas Don't Blog. The slide photo was taken in August 1955 in Sheridan, Wyoming during the annual All American Indian Days parade.

A young Chieftess is leading a Fez wearing Shriners marching band. Check out how tall that Shriner drum major is!

Next if you look over to the right, you’ll see some nice signage, including the Sport Shop sign, an elephant themed sign for Toy Town and a flashy KWYO radio sign with a bolt of lightning.

Besides the neon signs did you notice the legs just dangling outside a window? I hope the owner of those legs didn’t fall out after this photo was taken.

Now shift your eyes over to the other side of the street for two more signs, the Brown’s Walgreen Agency Drugs and the Lotus Cafe.

Oops, you just noticed why this slide is part of the countdown. You savvy eagle eye scout, you!

That’s right, playing at the WYO movie theater is Universal's classic Sci-Fi/Monster movie, This Island Earth. It’s part of a double bill with Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle. I bet once the parade was over the WYO was packed for the afternoon matinee.

The theater still exists and has been a performing arts theater since 1989.

Thanks to the good Major for sharing one of his wonderful slides!


Major Pepperidge said...

Great job Todd! The slide is labeled "Colorado", but obviously you are correct about Wyoming! The link to the postcard image (that last one) is very cool to see. Thanks!

Dane said...

Todd, I love it when you deconstruct postcards. Thanks also for pointing out that way cool signage and for the movie trailer. Such a simple thing, so much fun!

Todd Franklin said...

Major - Thanks for the use of the slide!

Dane - Thanks as I like simple!