Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We all know that Halloween is fun because of all the scary creepy stuff, but some of my favorite memories were helping my Grandma make all the sweets. Making candy was a Halloween tradition in our household and our little factory of five made popcorn balls, taffy, cookies, rock candy and caramel apples. Most of the time it was my Grandma and my Mom that did all the hard work and my Dad, Brother and I took care of the menial task of taste testing. Of course we did do our share of stirring the pot and taffy pulling.

One of my favorites and still is to this day are caramel apples and I remember when we used to buy Kraft Wrapples back in the 1970's. Remember Wrapples? “.....wrap the Wrapple around the apple, add a stick, eat it quick.....that’s how you make.....caramel apples.....with Wrapples.....from Kraft.” Thanks to my good friend Tim Williams who actually remembers part of the jingle!

I did a quick search out there in internet land and there’s not much info on Wrapples, but I did find that the package designer was Stanley Kopecky and here’s a link to the patent listing.

If you want to relive some Wrapples memories then visit the closest Wal-Mart and pick up Concord Foods Caramel Apple Wrap usually located in the produce section.

(Update! Click here for the Wrapples commercial and a newspaper ad!)


Mike Middleton said...

Your poor mom and grandma!! I can just imagine the torment you three put them through when they were making that stuff!

Steven Altis said...

Oh, Wrapples... how I've missed you! My father used to work for a company that had Kraft as one of their clients and we had Wrapples aplenty in our cupboards. We would just skip the apple and the complicated stick work and eat the flattened caramel flapjacks like fruit roll ups. That and chunks of frozen Mrs.Goodcookie dough straight out of the package are two of my fondest childhood food memories!

Dane said...

I remember these! Haven't thought about 'em in years. Like Steven A. above, I blew off including the healthy fruit part of the equation, and just ate these by themselves. Caramel - nature's perfect food!

Joe said...

Funny I have this weird memory of these coming into the house every year but going horribly wrong when one of my aunts or grandmother tried to make them (they had a very bad habit of not reading insturctions and only ever getting like one good one out of the package that my Grandfather would and us eating just the carmel as previously mentioned. We would then wind up buying our carmel apples pre made from the same farm as our pumpkins :)

Anonymous said...

You're only missing the first two parts of the beginning of the jingle. It started thusly: "Take an apple....add a Wrapple....wrap the Wrapple round the apple, add a stick...." We too skipped the apple part and enjoyed the smooth, caramel taste of the Wrapple. Great memories!!!

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was "...add a stick heat it quick" instead of "eat it quick." Didn't they show a kid looking into an oven as the Wrapple heated? Maybe not.

Thanks for the "that's how you make caramel apples" lyrics. I didn't remember that part and mumbled that part of the jingle before the big finish!

Anonymous said...

How about this jingle:

"Look at these kids,
they're having a ball.
Eating Kraft Caramel Apples,
They're the toast of the Fall.
They're ooey,
They're gooey,
They're great fun to eat.
Get Kraft Caramel Apples, and have yourself a treat."