Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Back in June we visited an amusement park in Burbank, Illinois that looked like it was designed by Forry Ackerman and boy did we have a scary swell time. Mix in classic movie monsters, add trash cans in the shape of ghosts, lay down some putting greens, throw in one Frankenstein Muffler Man and you get Haunted Trails.

I’ve known about this place for a few years and I’d been dying to visit this hallowed horror ground ever since. The first thing we saw when we drove up to the place was a familiar roadside friend in the form of the Frankenstein’s monster.

Once inside the park Mary Shelley's monster greeted us with a bloody ax and a frown that made us feel at home.

We skipped the go-karts and batting cages and went straight for the main attraction the mini-golf course of horrors. We arrived at the perfect time as the sun was starting to set and after we filled out our scorecard as Frank and The Bride we were ready for a ghastly good time.

I snapped a bunch of photos so keep on scrolling!

Looks like Drac got up from his coffin a little too early!

Castle Dracula


Watch out it's the Creature from the Black Putt Lagoon

You might've noticed that the fisherman had his fishing rod in the earlier photo and is missing it in this photo. A kid knocked it out with his putter before I got over to the other side for a photo. Maybe the Creature got him in the parking lot later that night!

Castle Frankenstein

Sometimes a Peter Lorre type voice could be heard coming out of this haunted house along with scary sounds.

The bubbling acid water reminded me of the Vincent Price classic House on Haunted Hill

The 18 hole is the last hole, like in deadsville man!

Apparently all this month you can visit their haunted house called Frightmare. Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the graves of Haunted Trails.


Mike Middleton said...

Hey NC. Most of the pics didn't come up at home or at work. It sounds like a cool place though.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks for the heads up Mike. I fixed the problems so hopefully everyone should be seeing all the photos.

Mike Middleton said...

They all came up at work except the one before the we skipped the go karts paragraph. I'll let you know how they came up at home later. Very cool place!

Dane said...

This place looks like so much fun! I love the signage (of course) and the Muffler Frankenstein's Monster and the acid pool and all of it!

Kenn Minter said...

Wow! What fun!

Kirk D. said...

That place looks incredible! I love the main sign.
I recognize a lot of those figures from the FAST Corp I blogged about a long time ago...
Thanks for the great post.

Mr. Karswell said...

I still love that ghost with the vagina for a mouth.