Sunday, October 07, 2007


This guy needs to be careful trick or treating or he might end up as the treat!

I traded an old cereal box for this swell painting that my pal Dan Goodsell did for me a couple of weeks ago. Dan has always been gracious by showing everyone one his artwork on his A Sampler of Things blog and flickr site, but it's always nice to see his originals up close and in person. This painting has already brightened our house up for the season. Thanks Dan!

If you're interested in purchasing a painting for yourself, visit Dan's Etsy site or his main site, The World of Mr. Toast.


Steven Altis said...

Not to be worrisome or anything... but, I'd knife you in a street fight for this picture. It just may be the greatest thing ever!

Dane said...

Mr. Goodsell's been a flickr contact of mine for a while, because I just love his work. He has a fantastic style that's all his own. Candy Corn guy is great.

Todd Franklin said...

Steven - With Captain Kirk fight music in the background. . . I'm not letting this one out of my hands! Yeah, Dan did a bang up job on this one!

Dane - He is amazing with his fun artwork and the cool stuff that he finds!