Sunday, October 28, 2007


In 1982 some TV stations in Canada aired The Mask, the 1961 weird and trippy film about a nightmare inducing mask. I don't have a pair of the TV glasses but instead I own a pair that was for the theatrical release of The Mask.

This specific pair was handed out at the Mayan theater in Denver.

Here's a photo that I snapped of the Mayan. Sorry for the bad shot, but I was driving through Denver and didn't have time to stop. So this drive by photo shot will have to do. Maybe the sun glare gives the pic that just enough of a trippy feel that it goes well with The Mask

Click here to see a scan of the TV glasses.

Here is Harry Blackstone hosting the 3D TV event of The Mask.

Video clips posted to YouTube by Retro Toledo.

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Dr.Terror said...

I remember this one also. I have a pair of the 3-d glasses you could get for the TV showing. It had a skull in the center with vines wrapped all around it. I'll try to find them and scan it.

I remember the Mask was shown on a Sat and the day before on Friday they showed The Mad Magician and some Kung -Fu movie.

Great stuff!