Friday, May 28, 2010


One of my earliest collections started in the second grade when I began saving pencils. I loved ‘em and it seemed I couldn’t collect enough of ‘em.

My mind must’ve blown up when I received my Star Wars fan club packet of goodies all related to the Empire Strikes Back. The coolest thing in the lot was the pencil! As seen above, I still have two original pencils from my youth.

The ad below is from Bantha Tracks, the Star Wars fan club newsletter.


John Rozum said...

I still think it's a great pencil.

nyrdyv said...

But what would your grammar school math instructor say if you used a rebel pencil?


Steven G. Willis

Anonymous said...

I remember very well back in 1980 receiving my Star Wars Fan Club membership kit in the mail, with those same pencils (along with some 8 x 10s, a patch and other stuff all inside a cardboard poster tube).