Sunday, May 30, 2010


Back in 2007, I finished my month-long Star Wars celebration with a memory of the time I met the Pibbot, the lesser-known cousin of the famous Coca-Cola robot. You can visit that post here.

A couple of weeks ago, I was pleased to shed new light on my fading memory of my impromptu meeting back in 1980. I was viewing some 1980 newspapers on microfilm looking for the ad when Empire played at our theater...and then I ran across this ad.

Wow, it was something that I hadn’t expected seeing and didn’t realize Carl’s Market ran an ad for the promotion. Back in 1980, I had no clue the Pibbot was going to be at the store and it was such an exciting surprise. Kinda like finding this newspaper ad! Now I know that I had my picture taken with Pibbot on September 20th. I always thought it was sometime in the summer.

I was hoping to see an article in the paper about Pibbot’s visit, but unfortunately, this important local event slipped by the newspaper reporters. I did find another ad that Pibbot, (I should say Kobot as stated in the ad), visited a few towns away in Lebanon at a car dealership. I like that the ad says, "Meet Kobot a living robot cousin to R2-D2."

Now it makes me wonder whatever happened to my friend Pibbot and did he make it out of Missouri? Maybe he’s sitting in the back of someone’s storage building waiting to be found. If so, I hope I’m the one who finds him. I'm sure he'd feel right at home in Neato Coolville.

(Check out the newspaper photo found by my pal Glen of a Cobot invading a B.C. Canada Burger King)


nyrdyv said...

Great post. I had no idea these types of promotions were run.


Steven G. Willis

Glen Mullaly said...

Nice find. This is great!