Thursday, May 27, 2010


It was a thrill for me back in 2000 when I met the amazing Al Williamson at the San Diego Comic-Con. He signed for me the first issue of his Empire Strikes Back adaptation.

Later that day, I ran into him on the convention floor and started up a simple and short conversation. It was one of the highlights of the convention.


Richard Prosch said...

A great adaptation. I bought the paperback sized collection and was so relieved to find it in color. Marvel's tiny collection of the first movie being in badly repro'd b&w.

Mike Middleton said...

Al was the perfect Star Wars artist!

nyrdyv said...

Signed copy, bet you are treasuring that one.


Steven G. Willis

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that he just passed away. He was the greatest.

Todd Franklin said...

Yeah, very sad that he's gone. Yes, one of the greatest.