Friday, October 31, 2014


1976 Rexall Halloween Ad

All of us got a haul during this year's countdown to Halloween! So many fine folks have shared so many neato cool Halloween things. I haven't had much time to dig in the trick or treat bag this year, but here's a small sample of my favorites.

If Jason Willis trick or treated at my house, I'd probably give him all the candy. Every year he creates something amazing and this year is no different. Jason has brought to life one of my favorite comic book ads, the Moon Monster

Moon Monster - Animated Horror Fan Club Spot (Comic Book Ad, 1970) from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

Branded in the 80s - Who needs those fancy "making of" books when you have a month worth of blog posts about 1987's The Monster Squad. Shawn at Branded in the 80s knocked it out of the black lagoon with this year's countdown. Go learn everything you ever wanted to know about The Monster Squad! Oh and he's made a set of virtual MS trading cards too!

AEIOU...and Sometimes Why - Dex has pulled back the curtain on many of the Halloween countdowners this year with his interview series.

Secret Fun Blog - It was great having Kirk back in the countdown and this blog post of a hidden monster poster from 1980 made this Halloween so much better!

Secret Fun Blog - It's the little things that make Halloween so great and Kirk shows us some fine examples in this post.

Plaid Stallions - Dig this crazy Kusan Halloween Catalog from 1974! - Jason shared this amazing 1971 Brach's Halloween candy salesman catalog and it is full of awesome treats and displays. - I also enjoyed seeing these 1960s and 70s bubblegum vending insert cards.

Gorillas Don't Blog - Major Pepperidge had a guest blogger share some amazing Halloween family photos from 1968. That robot costume is way cool! Follow the links for Part I, II and III.

Dave Lowe Design - It's always fun to see Dave's Halloween props. Check out his yard haunt for the TV show Home & Family.

Garage Sale Finds - This is a lot fun, a blue print or brew-print of a witch. Just go take a look at it. It's kooky cool!

Cavalcade of Awesome - Cult Classics tee shirts ad from 1990. I forgot all about these shirts.

Dinosaur Dracula - I love seeing old plastic trick or treat bags and here's a fun gallery of some classics!

That's it for now and when I get a chance to visit more sites, I'll add them here. Be sure to find some Halloween treasures at the official Countdown to Halloween site.


Dex said...

Thanks for the shout out. Hope you had a great Halloween!

Todd Franklin said...

Dex - The big day was a fun one, thanks! Also one more thanks for the interview invite!!