Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Recently I was surfing the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and stumbled on this creepy cool 1995-96 website for the H. R. Giger Screensaver.

I didn't know there ever was a H.R. Giger screensaver, but according to this website you could buy one for $29.95! This screensaver included animated versions of Giger's artwork and as the website says, "bone-chilling sound effects and eerie music." Wow, that kinda throws a chestburster on the ol' Flying Toaster screensaver.

If that wasn't enough to haunt your bulky computer monitor it also included an original sci-fi story by Harlan Ellison. "The Dreams a Nightmare Dreams" could be viewed in exciting "screen text" or one could listen to Harlan narrate his story via audio cassette.

Viewing this dead website, made me feel like I had just left the Nostromo and was snooping around on an ancient spaceship. The website has a video commercial link. Hmm...I wondered if it still would play. I cleared away the dust and clicked the 1.4mb video. Sure enough the ancient .mov file turned on. It was teeny tiny, but was still interesting to watch. The narrator sort of sounds like Ernie Anderson, the famous commercial voice over guy. Plus, there's a creepy voiced guy that I'm guessing is supposed to be H.R. himself. I'm not sure if that's his voice or not.

Here's a pic of the box that I found on ebay. (I can't remember if it sold or not.)

Click here to visit the H.R. Giger Screen Saver website, but watch out for facehuggers!


Kirk D. said...

Wow, I just watched a commercial for a screensaver! No wonder it was thirty bucks, they had to cover the marketing cost.

frykitty said...

I couldn't resist a quick search. You can haz!