Friday, October 31, 2014


It was a spooktacular October for Castle Vlad this year as the fang faced undead entertainer shared his weird funnies via YouTube, Vine and a live stage show. Below are some treats from Castle Vlad beginning with the traditional blooper reel from this year's season.

Last week, Vlad put on quite the shindig with his Castle Vlad's Mad Monster Party, a live stage show that entertained an all ages crowd of two hundred plus! The family friendly show featured many of the monstrous denizens of Castle Vlad. The best way to describe the show is that it was a mix of Scooby-Doo, 1970s variety hour and some vaudeville thrown in for good measure. Scroll down for some photos from Castle Vlad's Mad Monster Party.

Frankentina tells Vlad to stop whatever he's doing because the live show is about to begin!

The Addams Family show up and Grandmama let's the audience know she has stinky feet!

Vlad's Go-Go Ghouls dance the night away during the Monster Shindig. 

The Go-Go Ghouls summon Vlad out of his coffin!

Frankentina and Tonga the Man-Ape patiently wait for Vlad to come up on stage. 

Vlad puts Frankentina and unknowingly Tonga into a trance. 

Who knew Tonga was a ballet dancer? 

Frankentina tricks Vlad into letting her walk the runway. She's always dreamt of being a fashion model.

The gang finds out the theater is haunted by a phantom and plans to investigate.

Vlad feels the pain and punishment from the horrible puns of Dr. Schlock and Nurse Wound.

Zoinks! Nurse Wound is here to give everyone a shot with the biggest hypodermic needle known to man!

Children from the community submitted stories to the local newspaper. The winners had their stories acted out on stage.

Here's one of the lucky winners with his prize, a Not So Goodie Goodie Bag!

The Phantom tries to ruin the show and causes poor Nurse Wound to faint. Or course it turns out he was just a guy in a costume thwarted by some meddling kids.

Dance break! Vlad goes full hippie and performs the classic hippie song, Incense and Peppermints with his Go-Go Ghouls.  

This last photo is of Vlad's Go-Go Ghouls brought to life (or is that dead) by the LOZ Dancers and Cool Breeze Airbrushed Tattoos & Facepainting.

Happy Halloween from Castle Vlad! Thanks for watching and don't forget to follow Castle Vlad on Facebook.


Dex said...

Wow, that looks like a fun show! Go Vlad!

Todd Franklin said...

Dex - The Vlad show was a blast and a big hit with the kids. One of these days we need to figure out how to live stream it.

Dex said...

Even a non-live video (aren't all Vlad's videos non-live anyway? ha!) would be fun, even if it's just a small segment from the show.