Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Thirty years ago I was just a month away from turning seven years old and I was a typical baseball, football, tv watching, comic reading, dinosaur, monster loving kid.

Later that summer I would be adding space to that lists of loves and not your regular fly-to-the-moon kind of space, but the ray gun shoot ‘em up-dogfighting spaceship kind of space.

As we all know Star Wars opened up in a very limited release on May 25 and it didn’t reach my “far away galaxy” until late summer.

My first exposure was seeing the television spot advertising Star Wars. For the rest of the summer my brother and I watched the newspaper waiting for one of our local theaters to finally get this amazing looking movie.

The second exposure I had with Star Wars was with the July 18 issue of People Weekly magazine. Looking at this gold tin man with the funny number and letters name made me more anxious to see the film. I’m sure I annoyed my parents as I was always asking when we were going to see it. (Click on the photos for a closer look)

Finally in the July 27 edition of our newspaper there was a simple ad, Star Wars is coming!


Erick said...

I was 10 years old when Star Wars first came out. I remember going to the local mall and looking at the movie poster in front of the theater. I was fasinated by the gold man. Thank you for the 30 Days For 30 Years. I can't wait to see what the #1 card will be.

Stephen said...

These are great - I look forward to the rest of the month! By the way, did you notice that Mark Hamill is wearing a Howard the Duck T-Shirt? I wonder if that's where Lucas got his inspiration...

I'm sure I know what card #1 will be, if you dare to include it.

Mike Middleton said...

I think you should do the top 30 Viva Knievel cards as well NC!

Anonymous said...

Okay Todd - (insert twilight zone title) I'm doing a Star Wars themed deal as well (check out Flickr or my folio site).

Cool! I can't wait to see all the obscure stuff you've got tucked away. I was 8 when I first saw New Hope (nerd) and all I remember is running up and down the aisle with excitement.

Todd Franklin said...

Erick - Ah, yes the mall theater was always great to catch a flick. Thanks for sharing your SW memory!

Stephen - Yeah, that's one thing I like about that photo! Hamill has always been a big comic book fan.

Mike - You know, if I had went to see Viva Knieval instead of Star Wars you might be getting Viva Knivel 30 Days for 30 Years. instead.

Michael - Glad to see that you're doing one too and I'll be sure to visit!

I've been running up and down the aisle ever since.

Shawn Robare said...

Man, I was one day old when that People magazine came out. Needless to say, I was a bit too young to be pumped for the release of the first film, but by the time Empire was coming out I was getting there.

Mike Middleton said...

30 days of Viva Knievel...don't tease me NC!!

Todd Franklin said...

Smurf - Welcome to the Thirties!