Thursday, May 17, 2007


I was out of control with Star Wars stickers and I was plastering ‘em all over the place. If you walked thru our house during the later part of ‘77, you probably would see Star Wars stickers on the wood paneling, refrigerator, books, tool boxes, and probably the family dog!

Of course, this had to stop and my grandma had the brilliant idea of making a sticker book that would contain the sticker frenzy in one place and save the furniture all at the same time.

She got me started with the first few pages as she filled out the captions under the stickers. As you go on thru the pages, you’ll see when I took over with my kid writing and spelling. I can’t believe I called a X-Wing a Y-Wing! What was I thinking?

(Be sure to click on the photo for a closer look)


Mike Middleton said...

Two of my top five cards are in this sticker book. Does that count?

Erick said...

My brother and I also stuck those stickers everywhere. We finally got rid of our childhood home earlier this year and those stickers were still all over the walls in the upstairs bedroom.