Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Card #24 from the blue (first) series set.

It was nice that the dewback smiled for the camera unlike that good for nothing Stormtrooper. That Stormtrooper just needs to turn that frown upside down!


Mike Middleton said...

Here's another card that barely missed the top five. The Stormtrooper cards were definitely a highlight of the sets.

Stephen said...

I wonder what happened to those dewback props. When I was a kid, we went to Marine World in Redwood City, where the bantha "costume" was on permanent display, out in the open. I was so thrilled that I actually got to touch it. I'm sure it didn't last long out there in the elements.

Todd Franklin said...

Stephen - Good question! That's neat that you got to see the bantha costume. Did you have your picture taken with it.

Here's a kid that did:

Stephen said...

I did actually get my picture taken with it. I'm sure it's lost or got put in the trash at some point. I'll have to ask my mom. Yep, it's just like the one in this kid's picture, so he must've gotten it wrong. They wouldn't have had it at Great America anyway - it was at Marine World because that's where the elephants came from that were used as Banthas.