Monday, May 21, 2007


Card #183 from the yellow (third) series set.

I scanned in this beat up card instead of one that was in better shape, because I had this one pinned to my wall for years when I was a kid.


Stephen said...

Have you ever noticed that Dave Prowse signs every photo "Dave Prowse IS Darth Vader"? Someone must have a small chip on his shoulder. I understand that he'll also balk if you want him to sign your stuff that already has James Earl Jones' signature on it, so it's best to get Prowse to sign it first. I wonder what he'd think if I asked him to sign my Hayden Christensen-Jake Lloyd card?

Mike Middleton said...

We just saw him a couple of weeks ago and he seems to hide his bitterness at having his voice changed fairly well. He dodged the question however at his panel. I didn't notice him signing any multiple signed items though. By the way, great card NC!

Todd Franklin said...

I have a singed photo from 1981 and he signed it that way.