Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Card #308 from the orange (fifth) series set.

This card is one of my favorites and it makes me chuckle for some reason.
I can just picture all of the actors sitting around trying to listen thru those rubber monster masks, as the soft spoken Lucas gives direction. I’m sure Lucas sounded like one of the adult voices from the Peanuts cartoons, to the people inside the masks. "Wha wha, wha wha." (Translation - Faster, more intense)


Stephen said...

I was frustrated when I was a kid that they never had any cantina photos. They waited until the fifth series to have any cantina cards - but they made up for it in that series!

John Rozum said...

This was one of my favorite cards as well. As Stephen says, it was aggravating that the cantina scenes were few and far between in magazines, cards, etc. Except for the two page spread in the "Star Wars Storybook" there was really nothing. Being a behind the scenes shot too made it special.

I never thought of the hearing impairment though.

Mike Middleton said...

I always liked the behind the scenes cards too.