Friday, May 25, 2007



I was inspired by the "birthday cake" one sheet poster that was sent to theaters in 1978 to celebrate the first anniversary of Star Wars. So here is my version for the 30th anniversary. The original photo for the first anniversary poster was taken by Bob Seideman.

(My wife and I made the cake late Tuesday night, left for a family reunion on Wednesday and got back early this morning. Unfortunately the lettering on the cake didn't hold up for the few days we were gone, and I'm not really happy about how my photo turned out, but hopefully you get the idea. Sorry for the delay with today's posts)

As you're celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, you might check out some of these sites and articles. First take a look at John Rozum's fine blog , as he's also been doing 30 days of Star Wars and he has some great articles and rare photos.

This next link was sent to me by my good friend Mike Middleton and it's one of the best articles I've ever read about the opening of Star Wars.

Another excellent article is on a Star Wars blog about the Un-Sung Photographers of Star Wars. It has information about Bob Seidemann the man behind the original birthday cake photo poster.

I've mentioned this site before and it's one of my permanent links at the side, but it's worth mentioning again. Go to the Star Wars Collector's Archive, where you can view thousands of Star Wars items from rare toys to movie props to food packaging.

Don't forget to visit Star!


Mike Middleton said...

Don't be so hard on yourself NC. The cake looks fantastic! Happy Birthday!

John Rozum said...

You rock, Todd. I should have known you'd do this. Great job. Not just with the cake but on all your posts.

I'm looking forward to checking out some of those other links.