Thursday, May 17, 2007


Today is dedicated to my grandmother Nita Franklin, who always inspired and encouraged me to be creative every day. She was the most talented person I’ll ever know and she could take a little bit of nothing and turn it into something wonderful.

I saw Star Wars for the second time with her, as she took us to see it on Halloween night after trick or treating. That was the best treat of the night! (Watch for a future post about this night)

She shared in our star crazed excitement for the movie and she was always making various Star Wars things for us. Her favorite characters were the Jawas and she gave me this large sized action figure of one.
Besides pop culture, this blog is also all about memories, good times and the celebration of creativity and without her, Neato Coolville would not exist.
We miss you every day, but we have what you left behind and we know we’ll see you again someday.


Mike Middleton said...

She was a very cool lady!!

Unknown said...

That was a really great post. I feel the same way about my grandmother as well. She was very influential in my life.

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks Mike and thanks Jay!

Todd Franklin said...

Thanks Mike and thanks Jay!